Forlorn Strangers

a mix of harmony-heavy Americana and Laurel Canyon-inspired folk-pop” - Rolling Stone Country

"...I listened for the first time to this group of talented, young musicians is that they are neither forlorn nor strange. Instead their unique blend of roots music and soaring harmonies is innovative yet remains true to traditional Americana folk music." - HuffingtonPost

“New Song [“Leave It On The Ground”] off the band’s self-titled debut is a mix of harmony-heavy Americana and Laurel Canyon-inspired folk-pop” - Rolling Stone Country


Forlorn Strangers have done, they said, about 18 months of touring with their fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass and mandolin. And it showed, with tight musicianship and songs that caught me on first listen. - Music City Roots


The Forlorn Strangers are on an entirely new stratosphere of unique and intricate music. - Mind Equals Blown


Forlorn Strangers (FS) is anything but that. This five-person team, all of them playing at least two instruments, is one of the best looking, most thoughtful, and exceptionally talented groups I’ve ever come across. - No Depression


Their music is robust and rich, full of harmonies, and with great interaction among the varied acoustic instrumentation. - No Depression


Frankly, the album and the band are breathtaking... Forlorn Strangers are the worthy 21st century successors to the likes of Seeger, Guthrie and the Carter Family. - The Chattanooga Pulse


Americana this fresh… was never quite so delightful - Blurt Magazine


4 out of 5 stars - Blurt Magazine


[Forlorn Strangers] is a remarkably assured, exquisitely crafted album - Blurt Magazine


With five unique songwriters, ascending family harmonies and energetic percussion, the string-forward quintet entertains a comparison to an ‘Americana Fleetwood Mac.’ - Vinyl Magazine


Forlorn Strangers… sing with a delight and power reminiscent of the greatest brother/sister combos in traditional music. - Blue Ridge Outdoors


Forlorn Strangers have nailed the Americana vibe with a unique twist that “serves the song” with a boisterous vision of rhythm, musicality and songwriting. - Glide Magazine


[Bottom of the Barrel] "the Americana tune’s got a catchy melody bound for "repeat" status for the summer weeks to come!” - Live for Live Music


[The Forlorn Strangers] travel in the folky Americana realm... serv[ing] up tasty pop songs wrapped in a rootsy package, banjo and all.  - Twangville


There’s a warm and relaxed quality to their debut release, making it a perfect soundtrack for summer daydreaming. - Twangville


...the Forlorn Strangers recall the Mamas & the Papas if that group were from the South instead of San Francisco. - Twangville


"Each member of Forlorn Strangers is more than proficient on a variety of instruments, and this affords the band a flexibility in songwriting and performing that I have come across in very few bands across the years.” - Blue Ridge Outdoors


Bottom of the Barrel” is… “a song that showcases the clear, piecing harmonies that… sisters [Abigail Dempsey and Hannah Leigh Lusk] are capable of as well as bluegrass’ inherent, lovely ability to touch on serious themes while still sounding like a rollicking good time.” - Elmore